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Food Habits That Cause Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most aggressively-spreading lifestyle diseases. It seems to affect people without any discrimination for gender, age or race. It has been established that the onset of diabetes can be prevented if our food habits are corrected. Thus, food habits responsible for causing diabetes should be properly understood. This includes: Common Diabetes Causing Food Habits: …

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Top 10 surprisingly toxic foods

While most people know that cakes and chocolate aren’t great for your health, there are other seemingly healthy foods whose dangerous properties slip under the radar. While it is unlikely moderate amounts of these foods will harm you, in large quantities – or in certain conditions – they may do more damage to your health …

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CRYPTOMONADALES with Approved Therapeutic Claims

For the past years that a lot have claimed cures for several diseases and illnesses, there has never been a single solution that has proved to be as convincing and reliable as what CRYPTOMONADALES has to offer.  In almost all cases wherein the worst have been experienced, Cryptomonadales has always proven its dependability and consistency in producing …

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May I introduce you to Noble life International Philippines, Inc. a prime mover in the health industry in the country, and which is rapidly expanding in the global arena. For the last three years, NLI has made an enormous impact in the lives of people here and across Asia through its products, with one, Cryptomonadales, …

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Todays Medical Science. .. has identified diseases to have originated from the accumulation and collection of toxic wastes in our colon. If not removed regularly, accumulated gunk would paste over the villi, and retards nutrient absorption leading the illnesses. CLEANSE, CRYPTO, PPAR – A new source of cure for all chronic diseases. Proven effective and …

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CRYPTOMONADALES – Prevention & Cure

Have you ever wondered why so many people fall prey to countless attacks of diseases and illnesses?  One can persevere an onslaught of viruses and diseases at one time or even on several occasions, however, do not lose sight that the environment we live in is one that is not as forgiving.  There are countless …

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Why Cryptomonadales is effective to CURE DIABETIC PATIENT?

Why Cryptomonadales is effective to CURE DIABETIC PATIENT? PPARs agonists are able to help reduce cholesterol, and to make the adipocytes become sensitive to insulin. Currently in the market there are two kinds of oral drugs used to reduced blood sugar and cholesterol, Actos and Avandia, both are thiazolidinediones (TZDs) used to treat diabetes mellitus.  …

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