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CNET Top 5 Highest radiation smartphones


My friend is planning to buy a laptop and she asked my opinion which among the netbooks manufacturers has a better specs, heavy duty and of course value for money.  She doesn’t know anything about computers, how to operate, what are the functions and what are the do’s and don’ts.  I didn’t realize that she …

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Latest Model of Laptop

When choosing a laptop computer I am very particular with the weight and of course the features, specs plus its durability and not to mentioned the price itself. I want a small one so it’s very easy to carry and bring anywhere. I have the latest model right now which is very small and I …

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Digital Cameras: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know By Rich Knapp 1) Resolution is less important than you think There is a popular misconception that more megapixels lead to better pictures. This is not the case. Sure, higher resolution gives you the ability to crop more aggressively or print large pictures, but only …

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